Downloading All Tickets similar to Ticket download from UI

  • 12 October 2015
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We are trying to integrate the Freshdesk tickets data into our BI tool for analysis

Previously, we used the Tickets download option from the UI - this provided a tremendous amount of details on each ticket

When trying to use the API call, the fields list are very different.. in fact a LOT of the fields we can get in an easy, readable, understandable format with the download all are not available from the API call

Is there a way to gt the data that is available from the Download All through the API? Any help is much appreciated

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4 replies

Hi Mitul,

I responded in the other thread that you had posted in as well, but could you tell me the specific fields that you are interested in for your reporting?

Hi Rohit

Thanks for your response in the separate thread

Here are the fields we need in order to be able to build a Freshdesk Dashboard... 

Resolved Time

Closed Time

Initial Response Time 

First Response Time (in Hrs) 

Resolution Time (in Hrs)

Agent interactions

Customer interactions

Any word on this?

Hi Mitul,

The API team has noted this as a feature enhancement request. We have heard similar requests from others and it is something that I would like to definitely address. 

This may take a while however, as we are right now focussed on the release of our upcoming v2 APIs which will feature better performance. We will revisit this once the v2 APIs are out and I should be able to give you a more detailed update on this request at that point.