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  • 24 January 2023
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Hello everyone, 


I’m looking for some help regarding the “sort by: “ the option “ due by time” seems to be the most relevant for me but if I tried I got “no ticket”, see picture attached.

Nonetheless, each ticket has this parameter “ due for….”.

I can accept another way of sorting the tickets but until now I haven’t find any that will bring the priority first. For instance if I sort by “priority” it’s only bring all the ticket that we put manually in “urgent”


Thanks for you help.



3 replies

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Hi @louisti,


Greetings from Freshworks community!


I understand that you would like to sort by: due by time but you’re not getting any tickets populated. Could you try opening the list view normally to see how many tickets you see there? For eg, if there are 100 tickets, and then if you change the sort by option to due by time, the same 100 tickets should appear but sorted based on the due by time of the tickets. If that doesn’t happen, kindly feel free to DM me with your Account details so that we could have it checked for you.


And regarding sort by: priority, if you choose Descending, the Urgent priority tickets appear first(No matter if you manually update the priority or done automatically), followed by High, Medium and Low priority tickets. The time of ticket creation doesn’t matter here but only priority which is used for sorting the tickets.


Let us know if you need anything and we would be glad to help.


Thank you!


Hello Sudharshan, 

Thank you for your answer, indeed I have something like 70 tickets but after sorting by “due by time” it goes to 0, all the other sorting are working.


Sorting by priority doesn’t work for us since we put all in “urgent”


Hello Sudhasrhan, 

I didn’t get any answer to the DM.

No solution has been provided yet for this problem.