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  • 6 November 2018
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Is there a way to edit "due dates" through the ticketing portal? Our company is actively resolving and responding to customers but sometimes the customers take longer to respond and resolve the issue than the 3 day set period. This makes it appear through the portal as though these customers are not being assisted. 

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5 replies

I am not aware of any way to edit due dates in the portal.

What do you mean exactly by the "3 day set period". Do all tickets have to be resolved within that time, or is that what is set in the SLA as response time?

I assume the status is "Awaiting customer response" or something similar. Are you aware that in Admin >>> Ticket fields you can set for which status codes the SLA applies?

Hello Christina, 

You can actually edit the "due date" by going into the ticket view of that specific ticket and selecting "Edit" near the "Due Date":


Selecting "Edit" will allow you to specify another date:


Once you specify your date, it will change the due date for that specific ticket!

Hope this helps.

Here is a better (more specific) picture to show where the edit button is:

Yes, that works. But as far as I can see you have to make sure the status is one where the SLA timer is on (or change the status).

Hi Mark, 

You're correct - this is assuming the current status of the ticket has an SLA timer on.

If not, the due date would not be affected as the SLA timer would be off (at which point you would not see the "Edit" button).