Duplicate tickets when the customer use both addresses

  • 27 June 2022
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Hello to all,


In our company, we have several teams who can answer customer issues. Today, only my team uses Freshdesk but we want to have 2 other teams to come too.

For this I added the two other email addresses in Freshdesk to start getting ready, so that I have :

  • support@our_mail
  • conseil@our_mail
  • coprolib@our_mail


My issue is that when a customer send an email to several of these addresses, it creates 2 tickets instead of one even if one was the direct recipient and the other only a CC.


Is there a way to avoir creating two tickets ? Or to merge them ?


As a bonus, we sometimes get messages from customers not directly addressed to us but as CC. I would still want to get them but, as we are not directly involved, I would like to be able to tag them (either with a tag, or a spectial status). Can I detect this in the automation ?


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3 replies

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Dear @JulianeB,

Good day:)

I understand that you want to automatically the restrict the tickets from getting created when two supported email addresses are looped in the same ticket. I'm afraid we wouldn't be able to restrict the tickets getting created when both the support email addresses are added to the ticket. But as a workaround I would suggest you to merge the duplicate tickets with the help of an application available in our Marketplace. Click here for more details. Kindly have this checked and let me know if that works for you.

Secondly, when the support email address is added in the CC, I understand that you want to segregate the tickets by adding a tag.

For this, you can make use of a Ticket creation Automation rule by checking the Ticket CC, and if the condition is satisfied, a tag will be automatically added to the ticket. Please find the below screenshot for your reference:


Hope this information helps. Kindly have this checked and if you have any concerns let me know we can take this forward.

Happy Freshdesking:)

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Thanks a lot Juliana.

Your second answer is exactly what I wanted : I don’t know yet how I will segregate those answers exactly but at least, I know how to distinguish them now. 😁

And I’ll have a look at automerger. I have a loooooot of issues that could be solved with some automated merges so even if it is not the perfect solution for my current problem, I think it might help me a lot.

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Thank you for your feedback, @JulianeB :) Glad you found this useful.

Feel free to drop in a note here if you have any queries/concerns we’d be happy to assist you.