E-mail reply to ticket created new ticket ID

  • 17 June 2013
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Hello all,

just corrected my own 'mistake':
I was sending notification e-mails with ticket ID in the subject without brackets []:

ID #8

instead of ID [#8]

(BTW, not essential to have a dash - in front of "ID")

Apparently, the hash # is not enough to identify the ID, so the brackets [ ] must always be in the subject.

If not, if the customer replies to the e-mail (i.e. not having brackets in the e-mail subject either), the system will interpret this as a new ticket, with a new ID, instead of a sibling of the existing ticket & ticket ID.

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Updating this topic with the email threading logic for the benefit of wider audience.

We check for any of the three conditions mentioned below in the given order when the requester or any other contact from the same company sends a reply to a ticket:

1. The subject line of the reply email should contain the ticketID in the format [#{{ticketID}}]. eg: [#1191] , where 1191 is the ticketID.

2. The messageID of the email sent to create the ticket should be there in the reference part of the reply email.

References: <CAH7O7ooHQUEbBmsfyqQL1HHpR0+fFF+X1jTL8gJsb1ZP5rznKA@mail.gmail.com>


3. When an email notification or agent reply is sent from FreshDesk, we include a hidden span in the email, which includes the ticketID. When a user replies to that notification without removing the quoted text, the email reply will be appended to the parent ticket.

(Any email sent using the Dispatch’r, Supervisor or the Observer rules will not have the ticket identifier. Hence we need to the include [#{{ticketID}}] in the emails sent using the rules.)