Ebay integration problem, the response of the customers is not being threaded

  • 11 September 2016
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Hi all,

I have been waiting for a solution of the ebay channel from the Staff, but after 3 months it seams that they are unable to solve my problem. We had about 60 replies but after every 10 replies the new Agent asked my again the whole problem by calling me on Phone. So I wasted about 3 months waiting for the solution...

So, why would anyone want an ebay channel with forest plan? When with forest plan itself you can simply answer to the questions using the email associated to your ebay's account so that the messages are not rejected...

The reason is that with the emails the responses are not threaded. At first I registered a forest plan trial where you cannot have ebay channel, then I switched the the fully paid forest plan, because a staff member of freshdesk convinced me to use the ebay channel. 

But so long, nothing have changed, except for the template of the emails (btw now the tickets are more messy, I had to develop a Jquery script to delete unwanted text from the ticket). 

Therefore, I tried to develop my own solution to have the response threaded, but as expected the REVOLUTIONARY API of freshdesk do not support the UPDATE of eCommerce tickets. Unbelievable...In conclusion, I cannot even develop my own solution...

I am using eBay italy. Do any of you guys have the same problem? Or do you guys have any solution for my problem? 

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7 replies

Anyone active on this community?

Please help me.

Hi, Has this been fixed now?

I'm having the same problem. Freshdesk API is not updating eCommerce site.

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We haven't seen much of errors with the e-commerce integration in Freshdesk. Our latest API ( V2 ) doesn't support e-commerce channel as the integration primarily solves the problem and also it is not possible to retain the threading in case if the updates are flowing via API.

In case if you're facing issues with the e-commerce integration , drop us a note here and we'll help you to get it fixed at the earliest.



Thanks for your reply.

Is that mean i can't update ebay using freshdesk API? for e.g. If i have ebay ticket in freshdesk and i send reply to that ticket via freshdesk API, it won't update my ebay account and won't send reply to ticket requester's ebay account as well? 

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You can still reply / update ticket properties using the API on the e-commerce tickets just as any other ticket. Here's the link to the conversations API : https://developer.freshdesk.com/api/#reply_ticket 

The only thing that is restricted is that the creation of a new ticket with the source as "E-commerce" .



I tried this and it adds new reply into the freshdesk but it is not updating my ebay account and not sending reply to the requester's ebay account as well.

Please help.