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  • 14 October 2020
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As a manager I can't find a way to edit the Next Response Due field.  I am able to change the Resolution Due field, but not Next Response, First Response, etc.  I'm trying to use that to know when action needs to be taken, but there are occasions when I talk to the agent and there is a valid reason to not respond yet (they talked to them on the phone, it is a long term project, etc.).  These show up as false positives when I'm trying to look for ones that truly need to be responded to.  Is there a way I can edit/override the next response due when it is appropriate and I don't think a response should be due in the normal time frame?  I'd actually like to tighten up our response time, but trying to remember which ones I already know don't need a response will just get even worse if I tighten up the given response times.  If it is a permission I can't find where to allow myself to do this, but not the CSRs.

2 replies

Hey there,

The Next response due time is set based on the Every response SLA’s set up under Admin>>SLA’s and you would not be able to edit the same under the ticket.

If a particular type of ticket has no next response time, you can set up a new policy for these tickets under Admin>>SLA policies.

I hope this answers your queries.


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I think you need permission from the admin.