Editing and deleting ticket replies

  • 2 October 2018
  • 2 replies

 What is the policy behind the ability to edit and delete replies by the agent?

I'm currently in a trial version. I see that I can re-edit some replies but not all. I cannot even re-edit my own written reply but I can re-edit the very first reply.

Then again I can delete my own replies but I cannot delete others (which is obvious) but is it obvious that I can reedit other replies?

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2 replies

OK, that all makes sense.

Thanks Mark

As far as I can see I can edit any note that was created, either public or private, but cannot edit a reply. That makes sense as a reply generates an email to the customer so editing it would create two versions of what was sent. As far a I can see this applies both to replies I sent, and replies other agents sent.

It is possible to edit a customer response, and we do use this, especially when a customer mail was sent to us outside FreshDesk and the mail was forwarded. We then change the sender and delete any details about the forwarding.

I can delete replies. I have had the problem that a reply was sent twice (at the same time, I think a problem with my mouse driver). Then I have deleted the second reply which is identical. However, the customer has probably received two emails.

So the me the available options make sense.