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  • 13 October 2016
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I notice that when a user enters an email address that meets certain criteria (i.e., seemingly doesn't have a human name before the @ sign), the form dynamically exposes a Name field. See attached.

I'd like to configure the popup widget to automatically expose that field when it first loads, so that I can populate it automatically (via the query string), something like this?

{ "queryString": "&widgetType=popup&searchArea=no&responsive=no&helpdesk_ticket[requester][name]=Ted%20Smith" }

Is this possible?

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3 replies

Hi Wayne, 

The " Name " field will be populated automatically if the email address which you are entering is not a contact in you Freshdesk account already. If it's an existing account, the field will not be populated. You can however create a custom field called, " Name " and make it visible in the Feedback widget. Will that work, Wayne?



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Awesome. Thanks for the reply! A few follow-up questions:

  1. You talk about the "Name" field being "populated" automatically. But it's not clear to me how to get that field "exposed." Whenever I launch the widget in my app, the Name field doesn't even appear. It seems like it's exposed dynamically (onblur of the requester field). See here:
  2. Happy to use a custom field, but it's not clear to me where I configure which custom fields will appear within the popup widget...?
  3. Can this be done using the querystring variables like this?
    { "queryString": "&widgetType=popup&searchArea=no&responsive=no&helpdesk_ticket[requester][name]=Ted%20Smith" }

Thanks again! Love the product and the service!

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As pointed out by Harish, the name field wouldn't show up if the email address entered in the widget already exists as a contact in the helpdesk. If you'd like to pre-populate the name field, you can do that by including the parameter in the query string as highlighted below:

{ "queryString": "&widgetType=popup&searchArea=no&responsive=no&helpdesk_ticket[requester][name]=Ted%20Smith" }