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  • 9 November 2021
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I am an agent an have all my notifications turned on. I am not receiving an email notification when a user responds/updates their ticket. Does anyone know why this may be happening?

Any direction would be appreciated.



3 replies

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Thanks for the information, Kim. :)


Upon checking the email delivery logs in general for your agent email addresss, we can see that emails are being delivered from our end, but due to some reason are getting queued for delivery at your mailserver. We have DM’ed you the logs and SMTP ID for you to check this further with your IT/Email team. 

Also, please note that the Requester replies to a ticket notification alerts the agent assigned to a ticket when the ticket requester adds a reply to the ticket. Article to understand better on email notifications in Freshdesk:




Hi hermanth,


It happens on all the tickets. No other agent has reported this. is the url and my agent address is You can choose any ticket in my name to review since it is happening to them all.




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Hello @kimmacintyre,


We understand you have toggled on all the agent notifications under Admin > Email notifications and yet you do not receive emails when customers respond to tickets. Can you let us know if this happens on all such tickets and have any other agents in your helpdesk reported the same?

In any case, kindly share your Freshdesk account URL, your agent email address and sample ticket IDs for which you haven’t received the email notification to check this further. Thank you!