Email Notifications not working from Freshdesk

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I am seeing this issue too. Not even seeing any attempt from freshdesk mail servers to ours. Really frustrating, as looks to be a great product aside from the e mail support.

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Hey Binitha,

I have updated you on your ticket. Please have a look.



Unticking the "Can see all tickets from this company" on the customer edit screen worked for me. An annoying problem as our client would like to see all issues on one screen from their company AND get email responses, rather than just individual customers.

Annapoorna.. Am awaiting an update on the case i have raised pertaining to the same problem.

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Hey Marc,

Really sorry for responding so late. 

Can you please raise a ticket at support (at) freshdesk (dot) com so that we can look into the issue and solve it sooner for you? 



Has this been resolved yet?

We're still have issues here, checked email addresses, Exchange mail tracking and email anti-virus but nothing is getting out of the web site. has the current status of their mail server.


Thanks for the update

Update from Vijay:
Sorry for the inconvenience caused.Our Mail service Provider - Sendgrid is facing some outage due to which mails that are to be delivered are delayed.Sendgrid Team is working on this and hope to get this issue resolved ASAP.

Due to this Email Notifications , Export reports are getting affected.

Apologies for the inconvenience caused.



Same here.