email replies create new tickets

  • 17 July 2019
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This continues to happen.  When a contact responds to a ticket email,
it opens a new ticket.   Not always but often. 


3 replies

Hello Robert,

I understand that when a customer responds to a ticket, it is creating a new ticket for you.

Does it happen even if a customer replies to the email (with the same subject line) from the agent? Could you please check if the new tickets are getting created because the customer/agent used a different email address? Ideally, if the reply comes in from the same it should get appended.

We look for the following three markers in every incoming email. For an email to be threaded to a ticket, it has to pass one of the following checks:

  • Ticket ID (it is generated whenever along with the ticket on your portal)
  • Message-ID (this is part of the email that you send out, and can be identified by Freshdesk if your customers reply to your emails instead of creating a new email)
  • Unique Identifier (we also include a ticket identifier in all the emails you send out so that a reply to that email can be identified and threaded to the same ticket)

If the customer's response passes none of these checks, a new ticket will be created. You can read more on this here.

If new tickets are created in spite of these indicators and continue to face such irregularities, please let us know and I'll have an agent look into it.

Hi, it seems like there was a change made where some email replies created a new ticket despite having the same subject/recipients/links/etc.  Even when a new CC was added, the emails remained connected to the same ticket.  Now it appears a whole new ticket is created.


What change was made that this is now occurring and is this the expected behavior moving forward?



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Hello @valasca528,

Ideally, emails will not get threaded to existing tickets based on the subject/content and like Karthik mentioned above, for every incoming email, Freshdesk checks three email markers (Ticket ID - if enabled, Message-ID, Unique Identifier) to understand whether the email is a reply to an already-existing ticket. If the email is identified as a reply, Freshdesk performs additional sender email checks to make sure it's not spam. 

In your case, if the email and sender emails checks matched and yet the email got created as a new ticket, kindly help us with your account details and the headers of the emails (existing and new ticket) to check this further at our end. To get the same, refer to this link. You can also drop an email to with the requested details and we can take this forward.