Email with Different Subject and content getting threaded to older ticket - need a fix

  • 29 December 2021
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We can not keep on educating all our customers…..


A customer may open an old email send to Service Desk and click reply all and change the subject and contents for a new request, but due to this unique message id checking functionality, the new request is getting threaded to old ticket and many critical customer issues are getting missed.


Please do have a Check at ticket creation time to see the subject first and then unique message Id. 

HUMBLE REQUEST as we lost many customers already!


1 reply

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Hey @john.cherian ,


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Apologies for getting back late on this. If the reply is from the requester of the ticket or anyone part of the ticket conversation thread(in cc to the ticket conversation), Freshdesk will check for the Message-ID and append the reply to the original ticket accordingly. This is a primary check and only then another check follows. The logic is, in most cases, the message can append to a wrong ticket or agent.

If the replies are coming in from a person new to the thread or an entirely new email, the system will look to append the reply based on the Ticket ID in the subject line, which would have to be of the format [#{{}}](for ex., [#12345], where the ticket id is 12345).

However, I do understand the point you make,  we currently have moved the Ideas as a separate category in our Community. Access the Ideas forum and navigate to the section you want to submit an idea and suggest developments and also dive deep into the intellections of our Freshdesk community.


Have a good one!