Emails not being sent

  • 16 January 2013
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We are having an issue where the automated emails notifying people that a new ticket has been created or they have been assigned to it are not being sent.

Physically triggering a response email sends without issue, but the automation does not seem to reliably send out messages. This has been going on for a few days. What information do you need from me to help resolve this issue?

15 replies

We also have a similar problem - unassigned tickets are assigned to an agent but the agent doesn't receive an email notification.

Agents email account has been checked and verified

Notification to agent is active

Emaill notifications:

Ticket assigned to Agent (To alert the agent that a ticket has been assigned to them.).

Same problem here! This doesn´t work...

I had this issue too, if you edit the new ticket created notification and look under the message box there is a notify agents option, by default this says none, click here and then add your agents. New tickets will then email out to the agent!!

We are also having a problem with "Ticket Assigned to Agent" notifications not being sent out. For example when a ticket is updated by Agent 1 and reassigned to Agent 2, an email is never sent to Agent 2. Please help.

Hey Tracy

Converting this to a ticket, to handle in private



Hi, was this ever resolved? I have the same issue.

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Hey Cbarina,

Are you still facing this issue? 

If yes, I can convert this into a ticket, so that you can pass me more details to help me sort it out.

Do let me know.



We have also seen this, without a resolution.

Hi Support, 

We are experiencing this issue also - I have a:

1. dispatch'r rule which assigns to a group + sends notification to Assigned Agent: notification is not being sent 

  • for testing I have enabled other actions on the same rule: Set myself as Watcher: automated email is received by myself; 

  • Send email to agent (myself) -- this email sends OK

2. Have disabled above and enabled Email Notifications > Ticket Agent Assigned: notification not being sent to agent

thanks, Ket

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Hi Ket,

I could see that you've recently interacted with our support expert and had this issue resolved 🙂 If you would like to add on this, please drop in a note here .


I am getting this also.


We are experiencing issues with email notifications i.e when an email is sent to our support team, the notification is not sent to the agents all the time that a ticket has been raised by a user. Is it something that has been reported by somebody earlier and has it been resolved?

Many thanks


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 @zed363080 Your agents should be receiving email notifications only when the ticket is assigned to them or when they have the scope to view that ticket, in the case when you have enabled the notification(as seen in image) under Admin > Email Notification.

Admin > Email Notification

If you still have issues with receiving the notification, please reach out to us at Our agents would be able to help you with it.

Freshdesk Community Team



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How can we solve this?



Hi @geebranz 


Are you still facing issues with email notifications? If yes, please feel free to write an email to so that one of our support ninjas will resolve the issue right away!