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  • 26 July 2021
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When I am trying to integrate Slack on Freshdesk, there were 2 problems.

  1. the channel I want does not appear on the list. It looks like I am having the same problem as here? 


  2. after adding a random channel in my slack workspace, I still get an error message just like 

     I tried installing the slack after removing Freshdesk app from slack but still the same. 

Can anyone help me out on this issue. 

2 replies

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Hi @jin, Thanks for taking the time to look through other community posts and summarising your issue in a gist.
The error while installing the slack app would be thrown if the same workspace is installed in another workspace. If that’s the case, we’d be able to check the details and help you find the account URL where it’s installed so that you can remove it and add it to your current Freshdesk account. 

Concerning the number of channels, in the Freshdesk legacy app, only 100 channels would be fetched. We do understand how it affects the functionality of the integration. Hence, did you get a chance to try the new slack app to link channels to groups from slack? There are no limits for channels with the new app, and we are working on bringing in an automation feature, after which  ‘Push to slack’ functionality would also be added to the new app. 

The workaround here would be to use the slack API in Automation > Ticket creation > Trigger webhook. 
You can set up a rule with conditions to trigger a webhook to publish the message in the slack. Please find details on how you can set up the webhook here

Slack API to publish messages in channel 

We’ll create a ticket from our end to check why the error is thrown and get more details on that front. Have a good day!  

Hi Keer,

Thank you for your answer. 

I understand that Legacy Freshdesk app might have some limitation. 

The reason I wanted to use the Legacy instead of the new version is because I cannot find a way to post comments on a slack thread that the Freshdesk App created using automation rules. 

Would you be able to guide me on this? 


Thank you in advance.