Export of customer lists

  • 14 November 2021
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Is there anybody else that are having issues with the letters “Æ,Ø,Å” when exporting data from freshdesk? Is there perhaps a solution for this?


2 replies

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Hello @evlo96,


Do you get any errors while exporting contact data containing the aforementioned letters from your helpdesk? It would be great if you can elaborate more on the issue with the contact export. Looking forward to hearing your insights. 



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I have tested this some more. If I open the .csv file directly into Excel (by just clicking it), these characters get very distorted and a bunch of other character show instead. But, when I open a blank Excel file, select the tab “Data” → Get Data → From file → From Text/CSV → Select and load the exported file:


...It works as it should. So, this error was due to my poor knowledge of how .csv files work with Excel. 

My apologies!