Export Tickets

  • 9 September 2020
  • 2 replies

Export of tickets is not emailing once completed. Anyone else having this issue?


2 replies

Fred - That is unfortunate! We could see that our support team has reached out to you assisting you with details via a ticket.

Could you please take a look? 


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Hi there,


Have you checked this FAQ yet? It might help you with your issue. Also, it’s best if you contact the Freshdesk support team to help you with this issue.


However, note that this export doesn’t move the entire conversation from ticket or historical data. For that, you need to perform an account export. 


To run an account export, you need to Go to Admin > Account > Account Details >Export data > click Export to receive the data. 


If this option doesn’t work for you, go for an automated migration tool. This option can transfer your data into CSV or XML files. Or move all help desk and knowledge base records into a new Freshdesk account. 


I hope it might be useful in future issues.


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