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  • 5 August 2021
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How do others utilize Facebook within Freshdesk.  It is very nice how the twitter posts feed into the Social area and you can review without every tweet becoming a ticket.  Would be great if you could monitor Facebook posts in the same way without them becoming tickets.  I understand you can use the filter for key words but it would be nice to have a social media agent you can monitor the entire Facebook flow without leaving Zen.  THen being able to convert specic posts they see into tickets manually.

Are there some marketplace apps that some have utilized that provide greater functionality with Facebook/Fresdesk in this way?  Would be nice to have it contained within Fresh and not having to leave to a third party app.

2 replies

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agree with this. I was just about to post the same suggestion but found this post first.

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Hi @AdamHendren and @jaynep,

Welcome to the Freshworks Community!

I agree, having an interactive format to review posts and feed-required information is a great way to keep tabs on your facebook activity. We are improving our social channel integration and this is currently unsupported as a native feature, but will definitely be added as part of our future roadmap.

If it interests you, we support a Third-party integration to facilitate your support directly from the Facebook page, here are a few links that might come in handy-


Freshdesk | Facebook | Freshworks Marketplace
Creating a branded support tab on your Facebook page

We hope this helps!



Pooja Bernice