Feedback Widget - Auto select items from dropdown fields?

  • 14 January 2019
  • 6 replies


I'm trying to prepopulate tickets created through the widget and getting it to auto select an item from the group field. I've got it working for text fields, but struggling with dropdown lists.

Is this possible at all?

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6 replies

Hi Dirk,

It should be possible. 

It's similar to the text field, you just need to specify which selection you want to pre-populate.

I added the following to my code:


Where "ticket_type" = name of my field and "Issue" = my drop down selection. 

And you will see it pre-selected in your widget:



Not sure what I could be doing wrong then as I've tried exactly as you have said and nothing works.

By any chance is this somehow only available on paid plans?

I don't think it is, according to the following solution article, it is available on all plans:

My only guess is you may not have the correct fieldName? Is this a custom field? 

Nope, I've tried Group, Priority and Type. I've also not changed the Label for any of these fields.

Anyway, I need to go now. I'll have another look tomorrow.

Ok, I had one last try and managed to get Priority and Type working, but still having trouble with Group.

Really have to go this time though.

Got it working.

Thanks for your help.