Filter tickets not working

  • 16 November 2017
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I'm using the search filter as follows:

api/v2/search/tickets?query="(status:2 OR status:3 OR status:4)"

In my test this returns 2 tickets.  If I close one ticket and re-run the search it still returns both tickets, even though the status of one is 5 (closed).  See below (I've removed the email fields from the results).  See the value or status.

If I run the search again after a few minutes then only one records is returned so it looks like it is a caching issue.

    "results": [


            "fr_escalated": false,

            "spam": false,

            "email_config_id": 35000016792,

            "group_id": 35000047658,

            "priority": 2,

            "requester_id": 35000926513,

            "responder_id": null,

            "source": 1,

            "company_id": null,

            "status": 5,

            "subject": "Test 2",

            "product_id": null,

            "id": 164,

            "type": null,

            "due_by": "2017-11-16T00:09:27Z",

            "fr_due_by": "2017-11-12T04:09:27Z",

            "is_escalated": false,

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1 reply

I'm seeing the same issue, only mine doesn't appear to be down to caching.

If I request one status, it seems to work, if I request multiple I get tickets with status values that don't match.

Some of these tickets haven't been updated for a long time, so its not that they have just been closed. So old I'm not entirely sure why they haven't been auto-archived.