Filtering new ticket in Freshdesk

  • 19 October 2022
  • 3 replies

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Right now we can know how many open tickets inside Freshdesk, but from the total open tickets, how can we know / filter “total of open because of new ticket” and “total of open because of reopen”? Please advise.

3 replies

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Hi @zhdd - thank you for your query - we will have someone from our support team respond asap.

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Hi @alyssia.correa
We hope to hear from you soon, since this is something that we can have in Freshservice, we’re hoping the same metric from Freshdesk as well

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Hi @zhdd 


Greetings from Freshworks Community! 


I understand that you would like to filter out the open tickets in your helpdesk which was reopened and not New, In order to achieve this you can make use of “Tickets Reopened” Metric which is available in Analytics. 



You can know more about the same in this solution article:  




I hope this helps.