Filtering on Web Page and Mobile Client

I find it's so hard to actually find something in Freshdesk. 

I spend really a lot of time searching, because the filters are so lacking. 

Is work being done on this right now this very instant?

F.ex, today I was going nuts trying to find a ticket. I knew the clients name, but I was unable to get all open tickets on that client in the Android client. I had to give up and return to the web client to find the info. 

I see filtering lacks really in all aspects of Freshdesk. Why is it like this?

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If I want to see all tickets by a certain client on the Android client, it's impossible. 

If I search for the client's name, I get lots of tickets that range from closed to just including the client's name. 

If I find the client record, there is no way to open the open tickets from there. 

Why is it so hard to work with this software?

I've been using Todoist and Wunderlist just to get things done, cause by the time I'm able to find the ticket in Freshdesk, I've forgotten what I wanted to write. 

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We totally understand the limitation here and how it is making things difficult for you. 

We will definitely think over this and see how changes can be brought in for the better. 

Thank you for taking the time out in giving your feedback. 


I'm actually going nuts on this issue on a daily basis;)

I have a really hard time finding stuff. 

The web client has some issues that makes me spend a lot more time than I should to find stuff, but the Android client is really impossible to work with; I cannot find anything. 

If I search for a client and I'm lucky enough to actually find the client, in between all the closed tickets that it shows, then there is no way to list open tickets on that client. 

I really could fill a whole page with this issue, but you must be aware of this. 

I just hope you do atleast a tiny bit improvement here, cause I actually can't work from my mobile device, something I plan on doing more and more. 

Thank you. 

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I couldn't agree any less with you on this one!

Trust me, we really want  to improve the functionality and make our App a lot more user friendly and efficient for our customers. 

Hence, we are planning on revamping the Customer section of the app, totally and include the "Recent Tickets" list for a specific customer, etc. 

Basically, we are going to be rebuilding the entire search on the app. But since this involves a lot of engineering level changes, it might take some time. 

I wish we can give you a solid ETA right away. But unfortunately, it is not possible at this point. 

We will keep you posted for sure, Leet. 



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Happy to let you know that we've improvised the search performance to a greater extent over the past year. Here's a happy read on how we scaled the performance without much of a damage to the existing module -