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  • 11 October 2018
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Hi there,

we are using freshdesk for like two weeks.

Now I'd like to integrate our ecommerce system.

i started creating a custom app by fdk with the your_first_app template.

did some minor changes and published it to the marketplace (as a custom app)

how long will it take, until the app is available in out fd instance?

or how can i install it? can't find it in the marketplace (not sure where/or what the custom marketplace is)


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2 replies

Hello Roman,

Custom apps are not publicly available in the marketplace. Custom apps exist to serve unique use cases only you're facing.

To install the custom app, go to the admin page of the Freshdesk account, same as the one you've logged in to publish your custom app.

Under "Helpdesk Productivity" you'll see "Apps".

In the apps page, click the "Custom Apps" tab and then "Get Custom Apps".

You'll find your custom app inside that and you could install it.



I published our custom app more than 30 minutes ago, but the tab Custom Apps doesn't visible in my account.

Docs says that custom apps are published in 5 minutes.

How long will it take to this tab appears?