Firefox paste text from copy not working correctly

I am having annoying paste issues in Firefox.

#1 - I cannot paste text to the Description, Note or  Reply (any HTML forrm) in FreshDesk. The same text can be pasted fine in any other fields that are not HTML based.

This is also happening in this forum ticket message body

#2 - I can paste an image, but it's pasted twice.

Steps to troubleshoot:

Tested in Firefox with addons - still problem

Tested in Firefox with no addons enabled (safe mode) - still problem

Tested in Firefox at - I can paste without any issues.

Tested in Chrome - everything works correctly


Windows 10 Pro 64 bit.

Firefox 55.0.3 (64-bit) - latest version

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I spoke to FreshDesk support and this appears to be a known issue.

This appears to be a known issue and FreshDesk team is working to resolve this.


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Update : 

We're hoping to get this bug fixed in about couple of weeks . Will keep you posted on the developments on this regard.


Any chance sooner? I use this all the time. Not looking forward to hand-typing URL's. This is also a problem when editing the email template body. I assume it's the same control.

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@Jason: Yes, definitely much before the tentative timeline. The fix is in the final stages of development and you can even expect a Monday surprise ;)


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Hello everyone,

Glad to let you know that we've managed to fix the bug with the copy paste option in Firefox. Please run a check and drop us a note here in case if you notice any issues.


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Sorry folks. We ran into last minute troubles and we'll try pushing this release to Monday. I'll confirm the status on Monday as soon we go ahead with the deployment. 


Hi Aravind ,

the issue is still !!
So is there any update?


Thank you.

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We've deployed the fix for majority of the accounts in one of our PODs. Please do check in your respective accounts and drop us a note in case if you're still seeing the issue.


Hello Aravind,
     I'm experiencing the same issue described here with the images in Firefox (#2 of the first message).

I add that the image is pasted twice and if I remove one of them the rendeing is correct on edit, but once the message is sent both images are gone.

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Hello Giorgio,

I have created a private support ticket to troubleshoot the issue further. One of our support heroes will get in touch with you shortly!



Im also seeing the exact same issue in Firefox, can you assist please.

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Did you get a chance to try out our new MINT interface? We had enabled the new interface for Mr.Giorgio and it seem to have done the trick :) 


This is happening to me too... could you turn on the new interface for us and I'll see if it helps?


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Sure thing,Bencurthoys. I'm creating a support ticket to take this discussion forward.


Is there any fix available?

Even after a year this issue has not be resolved.

Haven't had the problem since upgrading to the new UI.  I wouldn't expect them to bother to try to fix the old version.