First Response Time

  • 14 January 2020
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Hello, I'd like to clarify if the First response time is the amount of time taken to respond to a new ticket when it is opened and read or the amount of time a ticket stays before it's opened and attended to? When a customer sends a fresh mail and you respond, but the customer responds back. Which is the first response time, your response to the initial email or your response to his reply? Please help clarify. Thank you.

3 replies

First Response Time can be two things depending which way you look at it.

From SLA point of view:

First Response Time = The maximum amount of time you can take to respond/reply to a ticket before a violation is raised

From Reporting of View:

First Response Time = The amount of time taken to respond/reply to a ticket

  • If your customer send you a ticket. Your First Response Time is measured when you reply to him or her.
  • If your customer replies again, if you reply a second time the First Response Time would not be affected. Your latest response would be a "Second Response" therefore it could only affect your average response time overall but not the first response time.

Hope that's clear for you, have a good day and happy supporting!

As far as I have understood, the first response time is the time between a ticket being created and the first response being sent to a customer.

In the SLA there is a response time, and that also starts counting each time the customer sends a new reply.


The first response time on a ticket would be the time taken for an agent to put a first response on a ticket, since it's creation. I hope Antony has given a clear answer to your question.