"First Response" tracked based on email only

  • 16 January 2019
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In my support team, about 80% of the time, our first response is a phone call to the client. Currently I cannot find anyway that we can track our "first response time" accurately unless we respond via email within Freshdesk. Is there really no way to track a contact/response that happened outside of Freshdesk? This seems like a massive oversight.

I'm currently investigating whether Freshdesk is the right solution for my team and this could be an absolute showstopper.

2 replies

Did anyone ever find a fix / workaround for this? I've only just realised this is why we have some appalling FTTR rates

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Hi there,


Sorry for having missed out on this! We understand your requirement about eliminating the first response due for “Phone” tickets. We shall have this relayed to our product team as feedback and keep you informed in this regard.

In the meanwhile, we would suggest you workarounds like either having a separate SLA policy for the source as Phone with a delayed first response time or perhaps trigger a webhook or manually send out a public note to avoid tickets from getting ‘First response due’.


Feel free to write back to us if you’d need anything at all! :)