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  • 29 July 2015
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As agent if I follow a forum via activating the 'follow star' I'm notified via email whenever a new topic is added in the forum. But I also need to receive an email notification for each change for in all the topics. 

Is there a way to get email notifications for each post in a forum?

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3 replies

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Hey Nicola, 

As you rightly mentioned, when you follow a particular forum, you will receive email notification whenever there is a new topic in the forum. 

Similarly, when you follow individual forum topics, you will receive email notifications whenever there is a new comment in the topic. Additionally, the 'All Activity' will list all the activities under all forums and topics. And 'Your Topics Activity' will list activities of forums and topics which you are following or have participated. 

Do let us know whether we have answered your question. 



Thx for your feedback. But is there a way to automatically 'follow' all topics in a forum without the need to manually click the 'follow star'? Currently what I did as agent is the following:
- click the 'Follow star' for a forum
- when a new topic is created I get an email
- when someone posts a comment in this topic, then I don't get an email (I checked the topic and the 'Follow star' is not selected

So do I need to 'follow' each topic in a forum manually by selecting it?


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I am sorry to inform you that we do not have an option to automatically follow all topics in a forum because the workflow itself is in such a way that when an agent follow a forum, they will be notified about new topics in it. If the new topic is of interest to the agent, they can opt to follow the topic. 

Also, when an agent responds to a particular topic, they will automatically be added as a follower to the topic.