Forwarding emails from a private inbox

  • 1 August 2014
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Hi all,

According to the text in the following page...

...forwarding an email from a known agent's email address should result in changing the requester to the original sender.

Unfortunately i can't get this to work. I have tried forwarding from Microsoft Outlook 2010 (Dutch localisation) and from Gmail. Both email addresses i forwarded from are my one and only email adresses, the same as where i created the freshdesk account with and use for login.

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!

Best regards,

E. Louwsma

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3 replies

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As pointed out by Louwsma, the forwarded header needs to be in English for the system to parse the message and create a ticket on behalf of the original sender.

--Forwarded Message--

From: Freshdesk Support <> (in English)


Hi Adam,

It turned out that my problem was caused by localized fields in the forwarded e-mail. Instead of 'from', 'send', 'to', 'subject', these fields were translated to the local language. Try forwarding the e-mail in an English e-mail client and it probably will work.

Best regards,

E. Louwsma

I am also experiencing this issue.  Not sure if I have something setup wrong or if there is something else in play.