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Hi Everyone,

In our company, we have a problem.

I'll briefly explain how we work:

A customer sends us an email to the support account, and a ticket is opened.

This ticket is assigned to the helpdesk coordinator.

The coordinator reviews the ticket and assigns a support technician and the technician resolves the ticket.

What problem do we have?

To control the portal and the mail, we bought two licenses Estate because it is the one that best served our needs.

The problem is that I can not create agents full time, I can only create sporadic or occasional agents.

It does not make sense for you to buy more Estate licenses so that you then limit the agent's permissions to only seeing your tickets, not the other people's.

It does not make sense that I can enter with the same username and password every time I want on n machines and can not create free agents, as in the sprout license.

I have purchased the Estate license for the portal, but the Estate includes everything that can be done in blossom, graden and sprout so you should include creating free agents, free of charge, that can only see your tickets.

Otherwise the application is meaningless.

We are a company with many customers and obviously several technicians.

Can you escalate this issue to your supervisor or to the CEO of Freshdesk? I would like an answer on your part (ASAP)...

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Hi ,

Thank you for your explanation.

While I understand your use case, am afraid it would not be possible to have free agents with such an access. Estate plan also contains a number of features which are unavailable in the sprout plan.

However, you can make use of occasional agent access for these agents. You need not pay for the agent seats when you make use of an occasional agent. Please refer the link of the solution article for the same 




If I have 10 casual agents created, why should I buy more daily passes? If they access once a day for an agent, he would not have to buy more daily passes, would he?

Dont have much sense...

We, as a company, give customers the ability to create users for free, but pay for concurrent users (enter with several DIFFERENT users at a time)

However we give access so that agents can enter because we understand that the license is not for this but to manage the portal / application.

Can you look at him with Rajiv, please?

Hi ,

Thank you for getting back. 

However, we do not have the ability to do so , at freshdesk as of now. We only have the full time agent or the occasional agent. 

I will go ahead and have your requirement raised as a feature enhancement request and check with our PM if this can be added to our roadmaps. If there are any updates on this, we will definitely keep you posted. 

Thank you for your patience !