Freshcaller and Freshchat controls in Freshdesk Mint

 In the previous version of Freshdesk with Livechat and the phone system built into it you were able to set if you were available for calls or chats, this was done through the icons that were located at the top right side of the screen. Now in Mint, after integrating Freshcaller and Freshchat with Freshdesk Mint those controls have vanished and those options are not available in the icons that now show in the bottom left for those fetures.

Are they located somewhere else now or does an agent have to log out of Freshchat and Freshcaller not to accept either?

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I have this question as well. How do we enable and disable chat? I'm also missing the icon in freshdesk...

"Freshdesk integration IN example.jpg"  shows how it SHOULD be showing...

"Freshdesk integration MY setup.jpg"   shows what I am getting...

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@Jeffw The agents can still set their availability for phone calls or chats right from within Freshdesk. Here's how it would appear on the Freshchat widget :

And Freshcaller,

You can refer to the following articles to know more about how these apps are integrated with Freshdesk.

Freshcaller and Freshdesk

Freshchat and Freshdesk

We're also working on bringing back the Live Dashboard widgets that helps admins/supervisors to monitor the agent availability across different channels :)


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@Matt As a current Livechat user, you might want to switch your account to Freshchat to handle chats on the Mint interface. Here's an article with step-by-step instructions on migrating your Livechat account to Freshchat. Hope this helps :)


I ended up calling support and they activated it from your end. The Freshchat configuration option did not appear my Freshdesk admin panel support made a change. They did not go into detail as to what they did. This issue was in spite of following the guide.

Once the configuration for freshchat appeared in freshdesk, I could easily see how to finish the configuration.

My last issue is that the widget on our support website does not switch off when disabling chat in our freshdesk admin panel as shown in the option:


Enable chat in your support portal

Make it easy for your customers to chat with you, when they land on your support portal."

I think I'll need to contact support again...5 day turnaround on response times on the forum isn't really good enough.



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@Matt Apologies for the inconvenience caused. Not sure why you were able to activate Freshchat right away. If you could share the ticket # with me, I'll investigate and find the reason why. Also, we've been trying to be more responsive on the forums and this one's definitely on me! I'll make sure there are no slips going forward.

I hope you've already installed the Freshchat widget on your site. If I'm getting this right, you're unable to turn off the Freshchat widget right from the admin menu in Freshdesk. Is that right? Can you please share the site details?


It was on chat with Aishwarya. There doesn’t seem to be a ticket number. The site the widget is embedded in: It’s still showing and it’s currently switched off in freshdesk. Thanks. Matt
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No worries, Matt. I managed to get hold of the chat conversation. I see what happened here - the widget control in Freshdesk refers to the chat widget on your support portal ie. 

It doesn't control the availability of the widget installed on your website. You might have to remove the widget code from the website and add it later when you're ready to offer chat for your users.


Sorry I don’t understand what your saying. I have removed live chat from my website and disabled it in freshdesk. I have had my web developers integrate the new freshchat widget into our website and enabled it in freshdesk. All I want to be able to do is enable and disable freshchat on our website through the on/off switch in our freshdesk admin panel : Admin Panel->Freshchat->Enable Chat in your Portal-> ON or OFF Is my understanding of this function not right? Is there no way to switch the integrated freshchat widget ON or OFF? I am ready for Freshchat with my users. Migration is complete, I’m just seeking clarification on this last little issue. Thanks, Matt
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The widget availability cannot be controlled from the admin panel in Freshdesk. The option that you see here refers to your support portal (created through Freshdesk) and not on any external sites. You cannot disable the widget and you might have to remove the widget code if you wish to hold the chat channel.


Thank you for clarifying. This would be a valuable option for us, especially as live chat is being depreciated. If it’s a feature you could bring across into Freshchat as a future development item, that would be great. Thanks for your help.
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Thank you, Matt. Definitely worth considering for the future. Apart from making it easy to disable the widget on your website, is there any specific reason why you want this option to be available? As in, when would you normally want to turn off the widget (imagine the option is available)? 


In a school setting like ours, we have a team of 3 IT staff and we are all called away from our office from time to time and it is inappropriate to use our portable devices in class and meeting situations. I view the use of chat as a real-time response to staff and students, otherwise submitting a ticket or an email is the appropriate option. Having the ability to turn it on at a moments notice ensures users know they get an immediate response from chat. If it is disabled, users pursue the appropriate method of communication as already described. I understand that chat can be used to address issues at a later date, however as our students move from computer to computer every 50 minutes or less, often chats may begin but when followed up the user never responds. It is a simple feature and it gives us greater flexibility in how it is used. Thanks, Matt
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Thanks for the note, Matt. We're exploring an alternative through code customisation where the widget can be hidden if there are no agents available online. I believe that would make your job easier as an admin. I'll keep you posted on any further updates. Thanks again :)


That feature would work for us...and in fact it would be a better option. Thanks, Matt