Freshdesk Alternative! Issues that makes you start looking for one.

  • 29 May 2019
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So Freshdesk has gone from being a company with a great product and support to what seems like a company trying to do too many things at once and doing none of them amazingly.

I have started keeping track of the things that piss me off the most all of which I have spoken to FD agents about in the last 12-24 months.

- The shortcut to send a ticket (Command + Enter for me) adds a ‘paragraph’/works as a normal enter when closing a ticket so can add weird spacing if you’re not precise where you leave the cursor

- The old integrated chat was awesome. Freshchat is shit. I have to set it to give me email notifications because my email client lets me know someone is there better than FD or FC does. As above I have spent time trying to work through this with a FD agent who was helpful, but not to the point that there is no issue for something that should be basic. Just me?

- The cursor jumps to the start of the ticket after you have begun typing. This also can cause words to be selected that can’t be undone without clicking outside the screen and then clicking back in it again.

(This has been an issue since Mint was first launched and has been mentioned numerous times all over the support forum etc with no fix offered.)

- When you highlight someones name in the ‘Edit contact details box’ of a ticket, if you go slightly out of the window it closes it. If you don’t notice (as it's a quick movement) and start typing, things quickly become a bit of a mess.

- When you are merging tickets you have to manually input the email address rather than a list automatically being pulled up for the ticket you hit the button from as the old version did.

- Editing the email of a contact is a huge hassle. Should be easy to merge two people together.

- Text box removes ALL formatting INCLUDING SPACES from time to time to make one, giant, useless paragraph when inserting snippets. (Happens more in Firefox than Chrome)

I'll keep adding to this on a regular basis. If you have the same, similar or other issues you feel like you are lacking traction on that make simple takes a nightmare feel free to share.

I understand nothing is perfect but it is a real same for FD to go from something I actively recommend to something I tell people to think twice about.

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- Forward slash (/) makes the text box go nuts by removing all formatting and pasting the contents over and over every time to hit another key to the point it sometimes crashes the browser.