Freshdesk Analytics - Widgets broken

  • 9 August 2022
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Recently some of the widgets in our analytics reports have broken, showing ‘Something went wrong’ instead of an image we had originally placed there. They have always worked previously but now looking back at all the reports we have made they are now showing Something went wrong. I do not believe anything has happened on our end so I was just wondering if there has been an update which could have broken these images and widgets.




1 reply

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Hello @Abigail.Allen,


Thank you for reaching out to Freshworks Community. I hope you are doing well:)

Regarding your concern, Can you please try clearing your browser cache/cookies and then try accessing let me know if that solves the issue? Also please ensure you have allowed the third party cookies in your browser. If none of the above mentioned steps worked, please DM us the your Freshdesk Account URL which would be of the format your and HAR file for the same so we can find the root cause of this issue.

Awaiting for your response.