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  • 29 March 2022
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Hello everyone,

I was customizing the Portal Layout header HTML page and made a grave mistake of not saving the default code. Can anyone post the default coding if you have it in the comments down below or if you have a link where it has all the default codes? You would be a lifesaver! 

Thank you!

4 replies

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Hello @AndrewCheung,

Don't worry we will be able to help you out:) Please feel free to DM your account URL, which would be We will be sending you an email shortly.


Yesterday out of the blue our template was messed up and quite different than it was.

Nothing had been posted but the date of the code snippets kept getting updated when doing a preview making it impossible to revert.

Throughout the day I must have chatted with 6 different support agents who all told me you guys don’t have backups and can’t restore our template that was heavily modded.

Support couldn’t even provide a copy of the original template for me to work from saying that it was based on the Vertio Freshdesk Theme which isn’t used now? Apparently no one at Freshworks has a copy of the original theme either.

@Juliana Rozario I hope you know something others don’t as I’m DMing you. :)

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@AndrewCheung @cayars, I am not even sure this would work, but you may be able to generate a trial instance of freshdesk, copy the templates from that instance and modify as necessary. Just a thought in a dire situation. I would imagine that Freshdesk Support would be able to do the same for you.


Tried that, it’s a different theme now.  It was based on the Vertio Freshdesk theme which is what I need.


If anyone has this and could email or DM it to me I’d be so greatful!