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  • 1 December 2021
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I’m trying to setup a “Requestor Notification/ New Ticket Created” however I notice that if the requestor has set an out of office reply, then that creates a new ticket again in freshdesk, so they’ll get another email acknowledging that a ticket has been created.

How do i get around this issue - filtering out “out of office replies” to not create tickets and just be deleted.




3 replies

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Hello Shamila,


this can be achieved using automations.





hope this helps.




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Hey there, @shimi!


What @vijay_2am has provided is a great solution if you want to jump on and stop these getting created right away! To further your cause, have you set up an email channel within Freshdesk? If so, you’d have control of your email inbox; with the emails forwarding on to Freshdesk to create tickets, you can ideally stop this at the source by setting up a filter (in your mailbox) to not forward such OOO emails (among others) onto Freshdesk, and hence no tickets are created at all -- sounds brilliant don’t you think? :grinning:

You have two solutions to choose from, excited to see which answer you choose :wink:!

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HI @ThatCommunityGuy 

I’m not sure what you mean by “your mailbox”. (sorry i’m very new to FD).

I found this setting (see pic), in FD settings. Can you explain how this works? what does it base auto email replies on?