Freshdesk's emails are not professionally designed

  • 20 June 2012
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Hi guys, 

IIRC you guys were looking for a designer, please have him or her look at your emails as an area to improve on.  

Here's a screenshot of the email that I receive from an update on a forum here:
Screenshot of the fresh desk email

It doesn't look professional, it's a mess and doesn't really help anybody. 

First, at least add a link to the forum, so we can get there, it should be a link at "Widget in context with page". There should be an additional blank line right after that, before the "Admin wrote the following and add a : at the end of the line.

Now, quote the content that was written ("It would.. types."). 

From this email, I couldn't figure where it was coming from and how to go there. As the result, I can't reply and can't be bothered to look it up. 


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2 replies


Sorry for the inconvenience, we are already working on improving the notifications and we will fix these issues very soon.

Vijay, I'm sorry to say that 11 months ago you wrote "very soon" but nothing has changed.

When can we expect this (basic and fundamental) aspect of the forums to be improved? If you'd add the templates for the forums to the Admin's "Email Notifications" area with a "Customize Email" link, we could resolve these issues ourselves :)