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  • 15 February 2022
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Hi everyone,

We’ve just rolled out Freshdesk and moved from Salesforce Service Cloud.

In our business, we sometimes create tickets internally (for example if a customer is potentially fraudulent).  The team who picks up that ticket will then reach out to the customer via email requesting documentation.  The challenge we have is that sometimes agents just click on “Reply” and the ticket subject and original ticket description is shared with the customer (in situations where we’re handling potential fraud, this is of course an issue) unless they edit it manually via the Edit Ticket button.

I used Zendesk previously, and there was a “Side Conversations” feature that handled this well, does anyone have any best practice on how to handle this in Freshdesk?  I was considering implementing a process to create a child ticket (and create some templates) to handle that conversation separately, but would be keen to hear if anyone has a way they do this really well.


1 reply

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Could this not be handled with the Private Notes feature? 

Public notes are visible to the customer and if you hit “reply” at the top of the ticket, but Private notes are for internal communication.


For Private notes you would need to hit REPLY on the Note not the top of the ticket, but otherwise sounds like it may work for you.