Freshdesk ticket details on Salesforce Lightning version.

  • 11 March 2019
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Hi all,

I have recently integrated Freshdesk with salesforce - although on both the contact and account page i can see the tickets, it does not allow me to see the the ticket details in lightning version (only in Classic). I believe Freshdesk was working on this - any chance I can get an ETA for when this will be available in classic?



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3 replies

Would really like to know if there is an update on this!

I would also love to know when this is going to happen!

Hi - this is critical for us as we are now on Lightning, and we need the ticket information logged agains out Salesforce client info.  Unfortunately our Sales department has said if we can't do this, we may have to give up on Freshdesk and rely on Salesforce's own customer helpdesk offering which we would like to avoid!