Freshdesk to replace task app - Questions

  • 29 October 2021
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Hello.  I am not sure this is something that can be accomplished and would break the ticketing system concept.  So I am currently using TickTick task manager to keep track of tasks I need to perform for customers.  It does work well for what I am using it for but I would like to consolidate it with something like Freshdesk and a ticketing system.  So here is the deal.  I have several customers and for each one I manage a list of tasks that I need to perform for them at some point in the future.  There is no SLA or anything like that.  It is simple a task that at some point I need to perform for them.  It could be months into the future but I want to know it is there.  In this case I do not want the customer to get emails about the ticket, etc.  I guess it is more of an internal ticket to me alone BUT for a specific customer and not just a generic todo.  And the nice thing about ticktick is that I can see a list of these tasks via a single pane of glass.

So how would Freshdesk handle such a work flow?  Would I create internal tickets with a “pending status”?  And if so how would they be internal since I need to assign them to a customer.  Wouldn’t they receive a notification of a ticket?

It would be REALLY cool if we could create tasks like this by COMPANY.  For instance at each company I have several contacts.  I often want to keep track of tasks for the company as a whole with no specific contact at the company.  And at some point it might actually become an OPEN ticket.  How could I accomplish this?  It seems like all tickets are tied to a specific email address and the domain is used to tie in contacts to the company.

Maybe this is not possible?  How are others doing it? 



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