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  • 10 November 2021
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I’m new to Freshdesk, but I can’t figure out if FreshRelease is still usable as an integration with Freshdesk. It would give me everything I need, Ticketing for CS, and then when there’s an escalation would allow me to put the ticket into a larger plannable task or project.

2 replies

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You can make use of the Freshrelease application in Freshdesk to integrate both the platforms and suffice your requirements. Benefits of integrating with Freshrelease:

  1. Support agents can easily create issues reported by customers as bugs, feature requests, etc in Freshrelease.
  2. Agents get visibility into associated bug or feature request's status, owner and release date right within the ticket. No more hopping between your issue tracker and Freshdesk.
  3. Developers can see the entire conversation between support agents and customers right within Freshrelease work items.
  4. Agents are notified via private notes whenever status of associated work item is updated in Freshrelease.

Documentation for help: 



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It looks like freshrelease is dead, and integrated into FreshService