FreshWidget cannot be initialised from Javascript.

  • 15 May 2014
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I have installed the FreshWidget onto my app.  It works correctly if I simply copy and paste the given javascript into my HTML.

That is ok, but not good enough for what we want. I need to alter the querystring dynamically, so I can set the [requester] parameter, as explained in this post:

But the widget does not work if I do this. Even if I copy the javascript code into the console and run it.

I made two example pages:

The first one has the code pasted into the HTML - and works fine.

The second one calls the javascript from a button click - and nothing happens.

How can I modify the querystring dynamically before I call FreshWidget.init ?

Thank you in advance!


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1 reply

I am facing same problem is there any way to initialise freshwidget through javascript. ???