Glitch when logging in to preview mode?

  • 28 February 2019
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Long story short, in order to access the preview mode, I need to log in twice and it's quite tedious.

I go to Admin -> Portals -> [the portal I want], Customize -> Layout and Pages -> Portal pages -> New Topic -> Preview. I then get taken to a login page within the support website. I log in with my credentials, and when clicking LOGIN, I get taken back to the support homepage dashboard (with the graph and number of tickets etc). 

Then when I go through the process again, it successfully takes me to the preview page. If I want to preview a different page, I have to restart the entire process.

Can you give me some direction as to how to fix this and make it smoother?

I'm new to support and this is basically my first time using Freshdesk (I'm in a different department) so I could be missing something obvious.


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