Google Contacts Sync Interval

  • 22 April 2015
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When adding new contacts to Google Contacts, I have to wait up to an hour to see them in Freshdesk. 

Is there some way to have the interval shorter?

I assume this is a Google set poll limitation, but is it possible to pay Google to have some kind of immediate sync or atleast 15-30 minutes?

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4 replies

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Hey Leet, 

Thank you for posting on our Forums. 

Right now, I'm afraid that it is not possible to bring down the interval from 1 hour. But I am forwarding this as a Feature Request and we will consider its feasibility in future.

Let us know if you need any further assistance, Leet. We will be really glad to help you out.


What about this Google Apps integration; it says on your page that contacts would be in sync "all the time". 

When using Google Apps, is it still not possible to bring it down from 1 hour?

Any reply on this?

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The existing integration ( free version ) has the sync setting configured to be updated once in every hour. Since the time this post was actually added , we've made several enhancements w.r.t other integrations and also opened up our Marketplace for users to build & submit integrations on their own.

In case if you're interested in building an app to solve this case , you can try it out using our developer docs for reference. We can also connect you with the system integrators who can build apps as a professional service.