Google Two-Factor on Android

  • 2 August 2014
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I have installed the Android app and when I try to sign in using Google using two-factor authentication it fails. The process goes like this:

1. Type my help desk address and hit the G+ button.

2. Type my Gmail address and password.

3. Type my two-factor authentication code.

At this point it thinks for a bit and then displays the two-factor dialog again. Only now, the Verify button no longer works. This happens on both my tablet and phone.

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2 replies

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Hey Rob, 

Sorry to hear about the trouble being caused here. 

Can you please help with more details like your Android version that might be of great help in sorting this out?

I am converting this post into a ticket so that we can exchange more details over there and get it working sooner. 

Hope that would work, Rob!


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Update from Anna's conversation :

The login was failing as there was no SSL certificate for the custom domain url . Either using domain with secure encryption or adding a SSL certificate for the custom domain would solve the issue.