Group Support Email Addresses - Anyone Else With This Problem ?

  • 10 August 2022
  • 2 replies

Hey Everyone… We are trying to overcome a problem that we have routing tickets to multiple groups in Freshdesk, but using only a single support email address. In other words we would like to have two separate support functions but only one email for them. It seems FD can only achieve this by adding separate support emails for each group. Has anyone else had this problem and created a solution ?

2 replies

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Hi Stuart! Welcome to the Freshworks Community. I’m sorry to hear that you’re facing issues on routing tickets.

Tagging @Sudharshan who could help with this question :)

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Hi @StueyC,


Under Admin > Emails, yes only one group can be defined for the tickets to be routed to. But if you would like to route certain tickets to a different group, you would have to let the system know about the differentiating factor between the tickets so that the product can detect that and route the tickets accordingly. 


For eg, is there a specific set of customers who raises a ticket that should be handled by a different group?(and the rest of the tickets to the default group)


Does the email body consists of any unique word which Freshdesk can detect and route to a specific group?


Does these tickets come from employees of a specific company(ies) which should be handled by a different group?


Kindly do let me know what kind of tickets you would route it to a specific group and what kind of tickets you would want to be assigned to the default group so that we can think about a workaround here for you.