Handling tickets involving third parties

  • 23 August 2021
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At the moment I have been having a very hard time to find tickets that involve a 3rd party. Mainly because freshdesk works 1-1. Meaning if I escalate a issue to a 3rd party which is in relation to a customer the ticket cannot be seen unless I go into that specific requester and find it or unless the ticket subject has the relevant company name. 

This is especially the case when you want to know the situation of a customer account. The natural thing to do will be to go into the company and see the timeline. however for cases where a 3rd party is involved, those tickets will be completely lost and anyone looking to see the situation (eg. customer success) will be oblivious.

What is the most effective way to handle this?

7 replies

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Hello @Aazir,


We understand you are looking to find easier ways to handle tickets involving third party. Freshdesk as a product provides the Forward functionality which lets you forward tickets to any email address right from within the ticket and further continue the conversation in the same ticket thread. Article to get detailed insights on the same. 

In case you are using this feature already, can you share the detailed workflow of how you involve third parties in tickets and the difficulties you face to help you with best possible solutions? 


Thank you,

Freshworks Community Team

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Hi @hemanth.ramya,

We do use the forward feature, however it does not suit to every scenario (maybe a few at most). We have multiple teams using Freshdesk (omnichannel), so the use case is different with each team. Also the fact when a third party replies the ticket status is not updated (for good reason of course) however this would mean that a agent can easily miss the email notification and cause unnecessary delays.


  • Onboarding - Requires to contact a 3rd party in relation to a specific customer. In some cases we might not want to involve the customer to the email thread therefore no way track/see in the timeline of the company in question that something related to that company is done. Note that we share hundreds of customers with a single 3rd party and we work with around 60-75 3rd party companies.
  • Product Support - Contact other support teams proactively to resolve issues. This means the ticket is under the 3rd party and if I go into the customers company record I will be oblivious that a ticket is ongoing. ie. Customer success might also need to know any issues that are being raised to other parties in regard to a customer
  • Tech support - Contacting individuals to fix issues in relation to a company

In each of these cases, with how Freshdesk currently is designed it is only possible to associate a ticket to a single contact and hence a single company. (ie. I am aware that a contact can be associated with 300 companies, however that doesn't work). Also using Freshconnect doesn't work as well because of GDPR, not everyone can be invited to a ticket to work together.

So the only alternative that I can think of is to have a company dropdown and then use filters to figure out which ticket belongs to whom. That too is difficult when you have a company list of thousands and have to keep updating it manually. 

So I was wondering what other Freshdesk users who might have a similar use case/s do.

i was facing same problem. i found this thread and got possible and pefect solution.
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@johnson113 I can’t seem to find the link to the thread. Can you please post it again? thanks

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i know

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