Have 'dropped' or larger attached files automatically sent to dropbox

  • 18 November 2021
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We face an issue where customers decide to reply to email with attachments of around 22-25MB and while Gmail can handle them, they are always dropped in Freshdesk. 


We want to be able to still capture these attachments somehow. Is there any solution to have that 

IF file attachment is being dropped by Freshdesk to have those files automatically sent to our dropbox instead and put a link or note in the reply/ticket that files has been dropped but they are available to be viewed/downloaded from the following link instead: (_insert dropbox link_)


To be clear: We don’t want to upload our large own files in tickets. We just don’t want customers succesfully sent mails including attachments to be dropped outside of Freshdesk and rather be able to capture them somehow without manually logging into gmail client and search for the attachment. 

0 replies

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