Help! Any Tips on How to Format Solution Articles

  • 17 February 2019
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I am looking for any suggestions or "lessons learned" from the community on how to create well-formatted solution articles. How do you work around the limitations with the editor?

I am running into a number of frustrations 

  • The WYSISYG editor doesn't reflect at all how the article eventually looks when previewed or published.  
  • When displayed for the end-user, FreshDesk seems to add additional space to the paragraph (See Attached).  To eliminate this, I find that I need to write source documents with no paragraph spacing.  This issue exists also within the email template editor.
  • Changes in formatting (e.g., font selection or size) appear to take, but do not always show up in preview.
  • Changes in formatting seem to get stuck and even removing all formatting from the entire article doesn't seem to work.
  • The WYSISYG editor doesn't seem to like cut and paste, even from notepad.
As a workaround, I tried to develop content using a barebones HTML editor, hoping that would allow me to past in something that would format reasonably.  That didn't work either.


3 replies

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We normally write the articles in the standard editor, and then go to the HTML code and correct as appropriate.

We do still have an issue that we can use some HTML code that looks great fro mthe agent screen, but doesn't work when I just go to the portal as user. Refer:

I am also facing such issue while writing my article.

It sometimes makes sense to write in WYSIWYG, switch to code view, copy and run it through This removes unnecessary markup and <p>< /br></p> which Freshdesk likes to add sometimes.