Help/guidance to track product after sale history and costs

  • 29 September 2022
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My company sells bicycles directly to customers via our Shopify webpage (we have the connection between Shopify and FreshDesk already operational), and I'm in need software/platform/extension that can allow me to: 

  1. Track the "life" of my products and know based on the Shopify purchase date information whether this product is still under warranty
  2. Track any further rework, change of parts, change of product, maintenance work, etc... has been done to the product. Identification of the product can be based on the unique order number a customer is assigned when purchasing through Shopify, or using the customer's email at the moment of purchase.
  3. Track the costs associated with any of the events associated above.

I hope I expressed my needs. What I'm thinking may be a good example is when you take your car to service with the dealership. They have a software/platform which tracks if any parts have been previously changed, all of your maintenances, cost of labor, etc.


Any idea what might help me?

0 replies

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