Helpdesk Feedback Widget - display Name Field required

  • 31 October 2018
  • 5 replies

Hi, quick questions regarding the helpdesk feedback widget. 

I know that there is the email field and that it could populate the name field if the contact exists in the system. However, if this is for a new user that is submitting a ticket, could we display the name field and make it required?

Thank you!

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5 replies

You should be able to make the field Name compulsory. However, that would also apply to existing customers.

In Admin > Ticket Fields edit Name:


Is this what you wanted?

Hey Mark,

Thanks for the quick reply. I have this checked but isn't showing up. In the screen show, it still has the Requesters email field but doesn't show the Name Field. 


Strange. On our widget it shows up with the red star... It is shown under the description (same as Sport Category in your screen shot). I added extra mandatory fields on our site and the widget changes immediately. 

Is it a required field in the ticket, or in the customer, or both?

Hmm.. i think i might have figured it out. We are using the "Sprout" Free Plan. Upgrading to the next "Blossom" plan at $25/agent/mo would give us "Custom ticket fields" which would allow this. 

Thanks Mark for trying to help!