Helpp ...Action required: List of NAT IP addresses allowed 

  • 18 February 2023
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Can you help me with the process to clear this alert? Action required: List of NAT IP addresses allowed 

1 reply

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Hope you are doing well!

The NAT IPs mentioned should be whitelisted on the external endpoint on which webhooks configured in Freshdesk / Freshservice are running (if any).

Kindly contact your IT or internal development team and provide them with these IPs to complete this. Suppose no webhooks configured inside Freshdesk / Freshservice are running on any external endpoints;

You can ignore the notification and whitelist these IPs on those external endpoints when any such webhooks are configured.

To clear the alert: Please reach out to our support team ( Freshdesk: / Freshservice:, they will take this forward.

Thank you!